Your Personality and your Business

Self Awareness

Why is self awareness important

Are you sure that you are self aware of who you really are

Study on success of business people greater when they are self aware

Being unaware of how your personality can affect your business can decrease your success

Being unaware of how your personality is affecting your relationships with family, spouse, clients, your team and strangers can damage your life

Self awareness, the key to transformation

You were not accepted for who you were in family and school and life

How not to wander through life without direction

If nothing changed in the next 5 years would that be okay?

We have all met people who are clueless that they are clueless.

Dr Wayne Dyer - awareness of awareness means all things are possible.

Talent Smart study showed that top performing executives were 83% self aware.

Your Personality Development Factors Model

Developing the Whole Person - You

Nature vs. Nuture

The Uniqueness of You

Biophysical Factors-external

Spiritual -internal

Environmental Factors-external

Self Worth Levels-internal

Social Teachers-external

Emotional Anchors-external

Personal Style-internal

Personal Style as the Basis of yor Personality 

What is the Personal Style Model

What is the history of the Personal Style Model

Personal Style affects your personality and behavior choices from birth to detah

How is the Personal Style Model different from other models

What are the four dimensions of the Personal Style Model

Extroversion and Introversion not what you think

We all have Extroversion and Introversion in differing levels

There are 22 Personal Style Patterns

What are the three criteria of the Personal Style Model

Differences in the RAS Reticular Activating System affects our Personal Style

Your natural predisposition can affect your business your life and interaction with others

The difference in how individuals perceive their environment

The difference in how individuals interact with the environment

The difference in how individuals approach the environment

Make Personal work for you not against you


What is a Value

How do you determine your Values

What happens when your Values and Life collide

Needs and Fears of Values

Values and relationship to Personal Style

How your Values can affect your Health

Values change through your Life

Your Perceived Values vs. your Actual Values

Values based on what family or society needs vs. what you want

Peoples lives/actions not always congruent with your Values

Your Sales Style

To sell is human

We buy differently

We sell differently

  • Identify your basic Sales Style of responding to prospects, clients, and sales tasks.
  • Gain self-understanding, self-acceptance, and greater understanding and acceptance of others.
  • Identify the consequences and/or strengths of your selling style when relating with your prospects and clients.
  • Identify your typical reactions to sales stress and pressure and learn how to compensate for your weaknesses.
  • Better understand the buying style tendencies of your client and learn to interact with them more effectively.
  • Learn how to successfully and quickly build rapport with your clients, potential clients, and others.
  • Increase harmony and productivity by sharing a common language when talking with others about the style behaviors that are more effective or productive in various sales situations.
  • Determine your preferred selling style and work environment, to more intentionally select the best sales role, structure, and responsibilities for you.
  • Gain an understanding of human behavior that you can use to ease tension and promote harmony in relationships with prospects and clients and in your interactions with your fellow workers.
  • Develop a plan to increase your Sales Style flexibility and effectiveness during sales calls with prospects and clients and in your interactions with team members.
  • Facilitate sales team development through the careful assessment of team-member strengths and weaknesses.

Your Entrepreneurial Style

Knowing your entrepreneurial style leads to using your strengths in your business

What if you have no passion for what the market need

What if you get stressed and miserable when doing a business skill that you have no passion for or your Personal Style doesn't fit it.

How will you sustain your energy if you are doing something that doesnt interest you

Your venture must reflect your gifts talents Personal style and purpose.

Identify your basic entrepreneurial style, which is the way you prefer to respond to time, tasks, people, and business situations.

Determine your preferred work style and work environment to more intentionally select the best entrepreneurial venture, role, and responsibilities for you

Recognize the consequences of your interpersonal style when discussing or conducting business with others in entrepreneurial circumstances.

Determine your inherent entrepreneurial tendencies, motivations, and propensities

Entrepreneurs probably need to develop style flexibility in the interpersonal and human relations area more than most people, because they tend to be so self-oriented and preoccupied with the tasks of doing business

Your Leadership Skills

Every person in every situation is having an impact, for better or worse, on the people and the current situations.
Learning to observe this impact alerts us to the reality of positive or negative leadership opportunities and events.
Everyone can choose to work toward making a positive difference, at each moment, with each person.
The use of positive and respectful power and influence is necessary for leadership to have enough impact to be effective.
Individuals determine within themselves what to do, how to act, and how to treat people.
Leadership is the understanding and meeting of the deeper needs of the people being led/served.
Leadership has a moral component that is centrally important to all other aspects of leadership.
Transforming Leadership understands and involves others, so they can gain a critical sense of belonging and also experience a mutual sense of respect and trust.
There is opportunity for leadership in every environment, interaction, situation, and moment.
Long-term impact and long-term development is more important than just immediate results.
Leadership begins deep within a person's belief and value structures.


What is Credibility

How do you have Credibility

What factors into the perception on your Credibility

What are the three types of Credibility

Why should you care about Credibility

What do people really think about you

How does Credibility increase or decrease

Leadership and Credibility

Study on Leadership attributes that defines credibility by others

How to develop your leadership skills

Discovering your Purpose

Motivation is a Myth

You are compelled to live a life on purpose

To know your purpose means you are intentional in your actions.

You don't know what you don't know

Your Passion and Purpose is separate from Style

Confirming your values and style are only the beginning to find how to live a life of purpose To make choices you have to be self aware and intentional.

The pursuit of things that interests us requires no motivation

How to have a sense of fullfillment and meaning in your career and your life.

10000 hours to mastery leads to success

Don't wait, find out now what is your purpose


Stress and Health

How not knowing your personality can cause you stress and damage your health

How not knowing your Values can cause stress as you act against your values

Doing actions in your business that cause stress due to conflict with your life's purpose or not knowing your purpose

How not understanding how different you are from family members can cause stress

Being unhappy in your life can cause stress as you aren't realizing your potential

How to See how  Internal Influences Impact Every Aspect of your Life

Your Personal Style will exert influence over any situations that may confront you.

Negative emotional environment in families and its effect on your health

Time and our reaction to it can cause stress and anxiety for some and not for others.

Tasks and our reaction to it can can /doesn't cause stress

How we react to people can /can't cause stress depending on our Personal style