Your Transformative Business for You and Your clients

You know how some coaches complain about how they are unable to get clients to commit to their program even though it would be perfect for them?

Or how you are doing many strategy calls but have little success in connecting and having rapport with potential new prospects.

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What if YOU have the clients who connect and get results from your wisdom because they are listening and taking action!

YOU  have a healthy business that allows you to take time off on a regular basis and share more time with your family because you understand what you value most and your stress has gone down because you are living intentionally and on purpose!


What would that mean ?

What would it mean to have a continuous stream of quality prospects eagerly pursuing your program  while visibility grows for their business?

To be able to have a constant stream of referrals generating quality clients each and every month?

To be able to add your own additional High Ticket Programs that allow you to have more impact for your clients and way more income at the same time, while reducing the hours you put in

Let me introduce you to my program for success 

The Six Figure Visibility and Authority Program 

My program is designed for coaches to  have more clients and more authority leading to at least $250,000 in new sales within twelve months. It can help lower the pressure and noise in your  business and  increase  your visibility and  authority out in the market. 

This program helps you to get more clients, including a scalable residual income model increasing in value as your business grows so you can get the freedom and  lifestyle you dream about!.


I am Jane Gardner and I am a Consulting Resource Group Personal Development Trainer and through Assessments, Resources, Trainings and Tools-

In Stage One- We Lower Your Pressure and Noise  

We define your Personal, Entrepreneurial,  Leadership and Selling Style as well as Values and Health to create a Foundational Roadmap to reduce stress in your life, and have the tools to better communicate with your prospects and clients to lead to deeper more impactful relationship through video training and group and one on one coaching. 


Then we move to Stage Two. It’s called "Quick Start "

What do you have when you’re done?

After a business assessment review,

We help you add value to your average transaction and create a high value bundle in the process and other coaching strategies to get more clients, keep your clients happy so they refer you to others and we  add a recurring evergreen income.  We train you to implement the  Show Them We Care Calls to rapidly gather success stories (testimonials).  We help you implement a simple but powerful Referral Program. 

We train you with online videos, group coaching and templates.

With the Foundational Roadmap Techniques and Referral Program in place you will have three new high value clients.


Stage Three is all about Your Visibility and Authority Channel

What do you have when you’re done?

Based on your business, personality and your skillset, a Roku/AmazonFire channel is  created for your own T.V show  and repurposed as Podcast/Videocast Channel with 12 month content and marketing plan to spread your Message and get new prospects. 

We train you with online videos, group coaching and our mastermind and templates.

You will have a  Roku/Amazon Fire T.V. channel, Podcast and Videocast channel  so that you have a continuous stream of quality prospects eagerly pursuing you while your visibility grows.


Stage Four - Launch Your Own Mastermind

We help  design and launch your own High Ticket Mastermind. This will primarily consist of your best Clients, and either be a local Mastermind or a Cyber Mastermind, meeting twice a month.

We train you with online videos, group coaching, our own unique mastermind model and templates.

So, you will have one hundred thousand in new sales because 4 clients will be paying $25000 for the year in the mastermind. 


Stage Five - Scale to Seven Figures 

On completion of Stage Five we help you create the Systems and System Champions to scale your business. You will have completed the Strategic Plan to be able to take you to seven figures and beyond.

We train you with online videos, group coaching, our mastermind and templates.

Why that’s important is because you and your team will have generated two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in sales.


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