Sizing Up a Potential Employers Level of Empathy Before You Accept a Job

It may seem to be a trivial matter when looking for a job, but sizing up your potential employer’s level of empathy before you accept the job can keep you from many future regrets. Empathy in an employer shows that he will take your welfare into consideration when making decisions that affect you within the […]

Perfecting Your Communication Skills Using Emotional Intelligence

Good communication skills are essential in today’s world. You use these communication skills on an everyday basis in some capacity. It could be social media, communicating with your loved ones, on the job or even shopping. Using emotional intelligence (EQ) can help you attain success in life, whatever you choose to do. In any profession, […]

Is It Possible to Be a Leader and Have Empathy for Others?

Empathy is a trait that every great leader should have to be effective in their leadership role. Empathy requires self-awareness and without knowing your true self and what you value, you can’t be empathetic toward others. Leaders who cultivate their emotional intelligence tend to have empathy for others. They don’t judge and are good listeners […]

How to Raise Kids with a Healthy Amount of Empathy

Unless you raise your kids with a good amount of empathy for others, they may turn out to be bullies or unable to make friendships easily. Later on, those traits might carry through to their career paths and personal relationships. Empathetic children tend to have a better outlook on the world and able to empathize […]

How to Practice Having Empathy When You’re Working on Emotional Intelligence

Empathy is another key to gaining emotional intelligence. Some people seem to be born empathetic while others spend all their time angry and always finding the negative in others. Having empathy means you’re able to mentally put yourself on the opposite side of a situation and understand the other person’s emotions. It’s a skill that […]

How Pets Can Foster the Growth of Empathy in Everyone

There are many benefits for welcoming pets into your family. One of the best benefits is that they build empathy in your kids and yourself. You may have noticed at times that a very young child is happy and comfortable – they treat animals with care and love. But, if a child is upset or […]

Don’t Let Your Empathy Run Rampant

Empathy is a human trait admired by everyone. But, you should know the dangers of unchecked empathy that can get you in a world of trouble and give you a reputation that could haunt you in career and personal relationships. Over-the-top empathizers risk being hurt by those who would take advantage of a person’s good […]

Can Empathy Be Learned?

Empathy is the ability to understand another’s point of view – to mentally put yourself in the other person’s shoes and know what they’re feeling and why they’re acting a certain way. Although empathy is innate in humans, it is increased or decreased from life experiences. Traumatic experiences tend to have the most impact on […]

Are You Tone Deaf or Empathetic?

Tone deaf literally means that a person can’t distinguish the difference in musical notes – but metaphorically, it means that a person is insensitive or un-empathetic to others emotions and feelings. There is a mistaken assumption that happy, upbeat people are more sensitive and empathetic than others. They might have more confidence, but that doesn’t […]

Are You Being Objective with Your Empathy?

Objectivity means that you’re able to step out of your way of thinking and take into consideration another person’s point of view. It helps a person judge without being partial to his own views or external influences. Empathy means that you also step out of your own viewpoint and consider the other person’s. With empathy, […]