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I’m Jane Gardner.

I believe that knowing how your Personality can affect your relationships:

  • Within your family
  • With the people you interact with everyday
  • In your business
  • With your clients and customers

will bring you enlightment on how you can communicate better and have stronger relationships in all aspects of your life which will bring you success.

So, it is my Mission to bring awareness of this idea that knowing your Personality and how you can interact better with others is “The Secret to Understanding Yourself and Understanding Others.”

It began my Mission in 2014 and let me tell you why…..

All my life, I have been told I am shy. “Why can’t you speak up, Jane!” I would withdraw from any family conflict whereas my sister would meet it head-on and there would be more conflict.  I always wondered whether I had been born shy or if something had happened when I was a baby to cause this shyness.

As I grew up, I found that I enjoyed volunteering and helping other people. I had many satisfying hours volunteering after the 2004 tsunami with a charity to build 5 homes in Sri Lanka by 2008.  I  thought “my purpose” was to be a “helper”  as I got much satisfaction from doing it.

In July 2014, I took the CRG (Consulting Resource Group) Assessment Training 3 day workshop and I learned that my “shyness” and “helping” were not unique to me but that there is a Personal Style that has the nonverbal, helping dimensions to the personality. 

This was a revelation to me because I had always struggled with my shyness.  A calm acceptance came over me that “This is who I am”.  I didn’t have to figure out “Why I was shy “ or “why I felt this urge always to be helping.”  There was no need to search, I knew who I was and I accepted me and the strengths of my personality and my challenges.  

Well, every person is unique but underlying each of us is what are called Personal Style dimensions as part of our Personality.  At Consulting Resource Group,  there is a Personal Style Indicator Assessment that you can take to find out what are your Personal Style Dimension values.  As a CRG Associate, I am excited now that I can help others learn about who they are and how they can be more successful in their relationships with others.

At Your Personality and Your Business , we talk about Self-Awareness, Intentional Behavior rather than Reactive, Personality Development and Emotional Intelligence.