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Work on Your Emotional Intelligence to Boost Your Self Confidence

Much has been written about gaining self-confidence to boost your success in career and relationships. Everyone knows that without self-confidence, you remain insecure and out of touch with others – and yourself. Emotional intelligence breeds healthy emotions and, unlike IQ, can be developed and practiced over time. Practicing the EQ techniques will help you make […]

Using Emotional Intelligence in the World of Social Media

The phrase – emotional intelligence – means exactly what the two words indicate – knowing how to channel your emotions in a mature and intelligent manner. It’s particularly important today to realize the importance of knowing how to react and respond to relationships on social media. The original design and purpose of emotional intelligence was […]

The First Step Toward Emotional Intelligence Is Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the foundation of achieving emotional intelligence. When you become self-aware you begin to know yourself, including your emotions, behaviors and in-depth feelings. You become are the focus of attention, but you don’t have to think about it constantly. Your self-awareness will come into focus as you react to various situations in your life. […]

How Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Find a Job

When searching for a job in today’s volatile job market, you’re probably in competition with others who could possibly know more about how to actually perform the job than you. You may have put together the most incredible resume, touting all your skills, achievements and your basic intelligence. But, there’s one thing that may be […]

Emotional Intelligence Doesn’t Silence You – It Motivates You

You have the wrong idea about emotional intelligence if you think it’s meant to silence you and your emotions during anger or frustration. It’s the opposite – emotional intelligence motivates you to do something about the anger and frustration of a situation in a positive and intelligent manner. Those who are blessed with emotional intelligence […]

Do You and Your Partner Have Enough Emotional Intelligence to Sustain a Marriage?

The business world is now using emotional intelligence testing in their job interviewing process to determine if a person has the ability to manage themselves and others. Now, the concept of how you can use emotional intelligence is permeating other areas – such as relationships and marriage. How much better would your marriage be if […]

Don’t Overanalyze in an Effort to Be Emotionally Intelligent

Realizing the importance of emotional intelligence to your overall success and happiness is important, but you don’t need to overanalyze what’s involved in taking your emotional intelligence to a higher level. It’s simple, really. With every step you take to build your emotional intelligence, your self-awareness and self-confidence, you’ll notice that stress, anxiety and your […]

Controlling Your Reactions Is a Top Sign of Emotional Intelligence

News reports about people with anger issues that turn into violence are commonplace today. Road rage, family disputes and workplace violence are all results of people not being able to control their emotions and letting them get out of control in a way that hurts others. Most of us are able to curb those violent […]