Incivility can ruin your relationships

I’m not sure the title is appropriate calling them “Jerks”  but it is an interesting study on how being uncivil in the workplace can ruin it. How would a simple “thank you” for doing your work but  would be much better than tearing up the work in front of the employee may seem obvious but… […]

Your Personality Ticks me Off!

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Work on Your Emotional Intelligence to Boost Your Self Confidence

Much has been written about gaining self-confidence to boost your success in career and relationships. Everyone knows that without self-confidence, you remain insecure and out of touch with others – and yourself. Emotional intelligence breeds healthy emotions and, unlike IQ, can be developed and practiced over time. Practicing the EQ techniques will help you make […]

Using Emotional Intelligence in the World of Social Media

The phrase – emotional intelligence – means exactly what the two words indicate – knowing how to channel your emotions in a mature and intelligent manner. It’s particularly important today to realize the importance of knowing how to react and respond to relationships on social media. The original design and purpose of emotional intelligence was […]

The First Step Toward Emotional Intelligence Is Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the foundation of achieving emotional intelligence. When you become self-aware you begin to know yourself, including your emotions, behaviors and in-depth feelings. You become are the focus of attention, but you don’t have to think about it constantly. Your self-awareness will come into focus as you react to various situations in your life. […]

Sizing Up a Potential Employers Level of Empathy Before You Accept a Job

It may seem to be a trivial matter when looking for a job, but sizing up your potential employer’s level of empathy before you accept the job can keep you from many future regrets. Empathy in an employer shows that he will take your welfare into consideration when making decisions that affect you within the […]

Perfecting Your Communication Skills Using Emotional Intelligence

Good communication skills are essential in today’s world. You use these communication skills on an everyday basis in some capacity. It could be social media, communicating with your loved ones, on the job or even shopping. Using emotional intelligence (EQ) can help you attain success in life, whatever you choose to do. In any profession, […]

Is It Possible to Be a Leader and Have Empathy for Others?

Empathy is a trait that every great leader should have to be effective in their leadership role. Empathy requires self-awareness and without knowing your true self and what you value, you can’t be empathetic toward others. Leaders who cultivate their emotional intelligence tend to have empathy for others. They don’t judge and are good listeners […]

How to Raise Kids with a Healthy Amount of Empathy

Unless you raise your kids with a good amount of empathy for others, they may turn out to be bullies or unable to make friendships easily. Later on, those traits might carry through to their career paths and personal relationships. Empathetic children tend to have a better outlook on the world and able to empathize […]

How to Practice Having Empathy When You’re Working on Emotional Intelligence

Empathy is another key to gaining emotional intelligence. Some people seem to be born empathetic while others spend all their time angry and always finding the negative in others. Having empathy means you’re able to mentally put yourself on the opposite side of a situation and understand the other person’s emotions. It’s a skill that […]

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