Coaching Model-personal style


Lead in with Emotional Intelligence

$49 course on Emotional Intelligence

post emails

 on awareness of your Personal success and EI  become 

pre-emails offer for Personality and Success webinar


Automated webinar on Personality Development and Success Model—–go further into detail with nature vs nurture, model, credibility etc. 

post emails for the 

offer -$500 Personal Style course which includes book, workbook and assessment  (see Personal Style outline on       

they join Personal Style Course automated home study course  


in discussion and emails understand PS is only part of being successful, you need the Signature Core training about your Sales Style, Values, Entrepreneurship Style etc.

do automated webinar about Signature Core Ideas 

email post webinar education ideas and make an offer to join   

join Signature Core Training at whatever level they want and they receive credit for PS course

Goal to create awareness for and  get them on PS course 


post emails on awareness of your Personal success and EI  become pre-emails offer for Personality Development and Success 



Awareness of emotional component of how to have more success by controlling managing emotions

educate on nature vs nature ; personality can ruin your connecting with people etc. -get them on webinar – optin 

Personal Style webinar -already have the course done and it is the core of the signature training-

goal to get them on PS course