Do You and Your Partner Have Enough Emotional Intelligence to Sustain a Marriage?

The business world is now using emotional intelligence testing in their job interviewing process to determine if a person has the ability to manage themselves and others. Now, the concept of how you can use emotional intelligence is permeating other areas – such as relationships and marriage.

How much better would your marriage be if you could understand your spouse’s emotions and react to them in a loving way rather than reacting badly when emotions are running high?

Emotional intelligence can help you unlock the relationship puzzle by giving you the tools needed to manage your emotions, read your spouse’s emotions and become accountable to yourself and your spouse.

There are signs in a relationship that it’s in trouble. If you feel emotionally disconnected from your spouse and are constantly angry, anxious or depressed and say things you realize you shouldn’t say and later regret, you may need to work on your emotional intelligence.

Sometimes, relationships are described as emotional rollercoasters – meaning that you’re disconnected from your own feelings and the feelings of your loved one. Emotional intelligence can help you move from being emotionally numb to emotionally balanced.

Using the tools that emotional intelligence offers can help you change the moods and attitudes that keep your relationship in jeopardy. You’ll be able to manage your anxiety and stress before it takes a toll and more able to connect wisely with your feelings and thinking process.

During the course of working on your emotional intelligence you’ll learn how to relieve stress quickly and completely. Being able to cope with the everyday stressors that come your way will enable you to stay focused and in control.

You’ll be able to effectively communicate with others to reduce conflict and overcome challenges that normally come when dealing with others. It’s a good skill to have – not only in relationships, but at work and other areas of socializing.

There are many factors that can ruin a marriage or relationship. Emotional intelligence tools can help you control the difficult emotions and thoughts that could destroy the ability to communicate with just a simple slip of the tongue.

You’ll learn how to shut down those intense emotions by focusing on other things. It will take dedication and practice, but soon you’ll be able to develop the capacity to hone in on your spouse’s feelings and understand the emotions involved.

Understanding exactly what is happening and why is a huge step in learning how to stay connected to your feelings and have the ability to remain calm during the stress that threatens your relationships.

Learning and practicing emotional intelligence techniques will help you follow through with all your hopes and dreams for your relationship rather than letting that connection you once had fall to the wayside.

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