Signature Core Training

Develop Your Success as a Leader and a Coach  

Living on Purpose-Why -being self aware on your Style leads to success with others -relationship, communication

  • Being Intentional vs. Accidental
  • Challenging the Myths
  • Positive Review
  • Your three Big 10s
  • Your Positive Preview
  • Assessing for Success
  • Your Life Vision Statements

Each Topic needs you to understand concepts ; do the assessment and then understand what the assessment means and how it relates to the concepts with an Action Plan for you for each Topic

Your Personal Style

  • Why you should understand Personal Style
  • What is Personal Style
  • What is the Personality Development Factors Model
  • Doing the Personal Style Indicator Assessment
  • Where to do the PSI on CRG website
  • The Four Dimensions of Personal Style
  •  Personal Style Dimensions and  Patterns
  • The Personal Style Model
  • Credibility
  • Credibility Techniques – Translating
  • Credibility Techniques – Suspending
  • Credibility Techniques – Styleshifting
  • How to Know their Personal Style Action Plan
  • Your Professional Development Plan
  • The origins of Personal Style with Ken Keis

Your Values

  • What are your top 7 values
  • Do the Values Preference Indicator
  • What did the VPI find were the important values
  • How you incorporate it in your life
  • The Power of Values

Self Worth

  • Self Concept
  • Self Esteem
  • Self Worth Inventory Assessment
  • Increasing your Self Worth

Stress Indicator and Health Planner

  • Wellness Assessment
  • Time  Stress Assessment
  • Occupational Assessment
  • Interpretation of Scores and Developing your Health Plan

Your Sales Style

    •    Customer Focused Sellilng
    •     Credibility
    •    Identify your preferred Selling Style
    •   Do you Sales Style Assessment
    •   Understanding your Selling Style
    •    Determine your Customer Buying Style
    •    How to Interact with your Customer
    •    Increase your Credibility with Suspending and Style Shifting
    • Improving Sales Effectiveness
    • Dealing with Buyer’s Objections and Concerns
    • Empathy Communication Model
    •   Building a Personal Action plan
    • Know your Sales Style and their Buying Style Action Plan

Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator

  • What is the purpose of your business
  • Entrepreneurial Style Assessment
  • 28 Success Factors that are Foundations for Enterpreneurial Success
  • Understanding the Foundations of the Entrepreneurship
  • Acknowledging Limitations
  • Using Strengths wisely
  • Identifying your Potential
  • How to Know their Entrepreneurial Style from their Personal Style Action Plan

Your Learning Style and Your Instructor Style

  • Your Learning Style Assessment
  • The Four Learning Modes
  • Thinking and Learning Styles
  • Instructional Style Indicator Assessment
  • How to know their Student Style and how to create Action Plan

Leadership Skills Inventory-Self and Others

  • Why you should care about Leadership Skills and interpersonal Coaching skills
  • What are top two reasons why leaders fail
  • Top 3 reasons Leaders succeed
  • Leadership skills inventory assessment
  • Team leading LSI others
  • Develop your Leadership Action Plan

Now you should have in place:

Techniques and Action Plans to understand Yourself and Your Clients

Develop your Strengths and be aware of your challenges and how you can now live your life with intention and purpose!