How Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Find a Job

When searching for a job in today’s volatile job market, you’re probably in competition with others who could possibly know more about how to actually perform the job than you. You may have put together the most incredible resume, touting all your skills, achievements and your basic intelligence. But, there’s one thing that may be […]

Emotional Intelligence Doesn’t Silence You – It Motivates You

You have the wrong idea about emotional intelligence if you think it’s meant to silence you and your emotions during anger or frustration. It’s the opposite – emotional intelligence motivates you to do something about the anger and frustration of a situation in a positive and intelligent manner. Those who are blessed with emotional intelligence […]

Do You and Your Partner Have Enough Emotional Intelligence to Sustain a Marriage?

The business world is now using emotional intelligence testing in their job interviewing process to determine if a person has the ability to manage themselves and others. Now, the concept of how you can use emotional intelligence is permeating other areas – such as relationships and marriage. How much better would your marriage be if […]

Don’t Overanalyze in an Effort to Be Emotionally Intelligent

Realizing the importance of emotional intelligence to your overall success and happiness is important, but you don’t need to overanalyze what’s involved in taking your emotional intelligence to a higher level. It’s simple, really. With every step you take to build your emotional intelligence, your self-awareness and self-confidence, you’ll notice that stress, anxiety and your […]

Don’t Let Your Empathy Run Rampant

Empathy is a human trait admired by everyone. But, you should know the dangers of unchecked empathy that can get you in a world of trouble and give you a reputation that could haunt you in career and personal relationships. Over-the-top empathizers risk being hurt by those who would take advantage of a person’s good […]

Controlling Your Reactions Is a Top Sign of Emotional Intelligence

News reports about people with anger issues that turn into violence are commonplace today. Road rage, family disputes and workplace violence are all results of people not being able to control their emotions and letting them get out of control in a way that hurts others. Most of us are able to curb those violent […]

Can Empathy Be Learned?

Empathy is the ability to understand another’s point of view – to mentally put yourself in the other person’s shoes and know what they’re feeling and why they’re acting a certain way. Although empathy is innate in humans, it is increased or decreased from life experiences. Traumatic experiences tend to have the most impact on […]

Are You Tone Deaf or Empathetic?

Tone deaf literally means that a person can’t distinguish the difference in musical notes – but metaphorically, it means that a person is insensitive or un-empathetic to others emotions and feelings. There is a mistaken assumption that happy, upbeat people are more sensitive and empathetic than others. They might have more confidence, but that doesn’t […]

Are You Being Objective with Your Empathy?

Objectivity means that you’re able to step out of your way of thinking and take into consideration another person’s point of view. It helps a person judge without being partial to his own views or external influences. Empathy means that you also step out of your own viewpoint and consider the other person’s. With empathy, […]

Apathy Versus Empathy: How Each Can Help or Hurt You in the Long Run

Apathy and empathy are two words that refer to how humans interact with each other. Relationships are based on which approach is taken – whether the relationship will be weak because of lack of understanding – or strong because of understanding the feelings of others and acting accordingly. Both apathy and empathy can be taken […]